Vous rencontrez depuis un certain temps une absence de progrès à la guitare ou vous avez enfin décidé de vous y mettre et d’obtenir des résultats. Félicitations! S’adresser à un musicien d’expérience qui a fait face aux mêmes défis et qui les a dépassé est la voie la plus sûre pour réussir!

Je suis là pour vous aider, quelque soit votre niveau! 


Je suis passionné par l’enseignement de la guitare et j’ai une grande expérience en la matière. Grace à Internet et Skype, j’ai pu aider des centaines de guitaristes autour du monde.

Skype est un programme gratuit de visioconférence. Les cours privés par webcam sont très simple à organiser. Libérés de la contrainte du déplacement, ils offrent une grande flexibilité horaire. Bien sûr, si vous vivez en Finlande et cherchez un prof de guitare francophone à Helsinki, je vous accueillerai avec plaisir dans mon école de musique directement.

Je demande 42,00 euros pour un cours de 45 min. J’offre toujours lors du 1er cours au minium 5 minutes supplémentaires!

Afin de pouvoir me concentrer pleinement sur la pédagogie et simplifier ma comptabilité, je demande à mes élèves de payer à l’avance les cours sur PAYPAL et de prendre connaissance des conditions d’annulation des cours de guitare.

Maintenant c’est à vous de jouer! Signez pour votre première leçon dès maintenant et contactez moi par email pour réserver un horaire. Je vous attends avec impatience! 



★Students testimonials★


“These lessons have furthered my playing BEYOND belief. I can honestly say that in the short period time that he has been teaching me I have learned what I thought would take years in months. Roo clearly knows what he is doing, and he has been doing it for a while…
So, if you truly feel like you could be doing more with guitar, take a lesson with Roo, after one lesson you’ll be able to tell that the road to greatness is LONG, but with the aid of his lessons, you’ll get there A LOT sooner then you would’ve ever imagined.”

Colin Moriarty, USA


“The guitar classes i’ve taken with Roo have been greatly useful! I had never played the guitar before so I started as a beginner and after 10 classes I am able to play the basic chords.
We covered different styles, blues, rock, pop…and I could manage to play a lot of songs. Moreover, the one song I suggested (Fire – Ed Sheeran) him at the beginning.
I got to play it at the final class, which was a real success!”

Julian Charro, Spain


“I started guitar playing with Roo from absolutely no guitar nor any other instruments background.
But after 10 guitar lessons, I am now able to play couple of songs and understand some basic knowledge about how to read nodes and tabs.
I know how to proceed guitar practicing in the future and now I enjoy playing guitar as one of my hobbies. 🙂 Thanks! ”

Siqi Fu, China


“Roo is a very good and versatile instructor, virtuoso yet. It is easy to work with him. Progress demands practice but results appear soon! The teaching goes according my music tastes and he has always good tips such as recording with a band. By learning with Roo I increased my accuracy and play more relaxed. I feel my play gained in diversity and finally got beyond pentatonic scales!”
Joakim L., Finland


“Roo is an amazing guitar teacher, he is really nice, welcoming and will try to fit as more as possible to your personal needs and goals. I have been taking lessons with him for several months and I can see my guitar skills and motivation improve day by day! I recommend him to anyone at any level : beginners, amateurs and also professionals if they want to improve themselves.”
Etienne Brunaud, France & Finland


“…I’ve taken a few lessons throughout the years and learned quite a bit. After a while you get tired of playing everyone elses songs. But when i had the lesson with Roo and mind you he’s a very well rounded musician in all areas of guitar and music, he opened up a ton of possibilities to get me on my way to songwriting so a word of advice, don’t throw your money away anymore start your web cam lessons with Roo AND YOU WILL SEE RESULTS!”
Paul Carlos, USA