Guitar Lessons in Helsinki

Hello! Did you recently established in Finland?
Well, congratulations, this is a fantastic place to live. You are here for a few months or possibly a longer time and you decided that it was the right time to learn how to play guitar or maybe to finally be serious with it.
Congratulations again! Guitar lessons are the safest and the shortest way to get you where you want.

My name is Roo Chapus, I am a professional musician, entrepreneur and a guitar teacher in Helsinki. I moved in Finland in 2003 and since enjoy the life here, the beautiful landscapes and the rock culture! That’s why I’m enthusiastic about seeing you here and interested in guitar playing.
I’ve helped, motivated, teach and taught hundreds of different profiles and levels guitarists from around the world. Some of them enjoy, in the privacy of their home, the satisfaction to play songs such as Hotel California, Under The Bridge, Stairway To Heaven or Fade To Black, to name a few, while others perform gigs regularly. They all share the same feeling to be at the right place with guitar.
This is what matters, feeling great about yourself! Playing that cool song, not just the two first chords.

Where to start with guitar and guitar lessons?

If you have been playing already for a while, you might want to take your time to evaluate where to have guitar lessons in Helsinki.
That’s perfectly fine and wise.

A novice, who considers learning guitar, might think it lowers the risks to buy the cheapest guitar and hire the first instructor nearby. On the contrary: a poorly crafted instrument paired with a more or less committed teacher will simply increase the chances of being turned off quickly and to lament soon: “Something is wrong with my guitar or my fingers, i can’t get the strings to ring properly. I feel confused and frustrated. My teacher is a nice guy but he has been away for several weeks now…”

Put success on your side by seeking for advices first. Prefer a local store who offers advices and competitive prices than online shops where guitars look identical and prices aren’t negotiable for sure!

…and finally, find an instructor with a proven track record and traceable references.

“I started guitar playing with Roo from absolutely no guitar nor any other instruments background.
But after 10 guitar lessons, I am now able to play couple of songs …
I know how to proceed guitar practicing in the future and now I enjoy playing guitar as one of my hobbies. 🙂 Thanks! ”

Siqi Fu, China / Finland

Guitar lesson’s little invest in time and money is always rewarded by the satisfaction of results. I value your time.

I can help you!

Are you a beginner or a more experienced guitarist? What music/bands you’d like to play at guitar?
Let’s see together how to get you there.
It is possible to arrange an 10-15 min free appointment on Skype if you have specific questions.

I have been there myself, no need to feel shy. It is my job to help you with guitar.

How does this sound?

I charge 49€ for a one to one 55 min lesson. After the first lesson, in order for me to set teaching programs and ease my book keeping, I ask my students to commit on sets of 4 lessons to be held within 3 months and agree the lesson’s cancellation policies.

I teach in Finnish, English and French. Contact me directly:

✉ rooguitar[at]
✆ +358 504907208
My teaching studio is located in Helsinki 00320, Laajasuontie 10A.


★Students testimonials★


“These lessons have furthered my playing BEYOND belief. I can honestly say that in the short period time that he has been teaching me I have learned what I thought would take years in months. Roo clearly knows what he is doing, and he has been doing it for a while…
So, if you truly feel like you could be doing more with guitar, take a lesson with Roo, after one lesson you’ll be able to tell that the road to greatness is LONG, but with the aid of his lessons, you’ll get there A LOT sooner then you would’ve ever imagined.”

Colin Moriarty, USA



“The guitar classes i’ve taken with Roo have been greatly useful! I had never played the guitar before so I started as a beginner and after 10 classes I am able to play the basic chords.
We covered different styles, blues, rock, pop…and I could manage to play a lot of songs. Moreover, the one song I suggested (Fire – Ed Sheeran) him at the beginning.
I got to play it at the final class, which was a real success!”

Julian Charro, Spain / Finland


“I started guitar playing with Roo from absolutely no guitar nor any other instruments background.
But after 10 guitar lessons, I am now able to play couple of songs and understand some basic knowledge about how to read notes and tabs.
I know how to proceed guitar practicing in the future and now I enjoy playing guitar as one of my hobbies. 🙂 Thanks! ”

Siqi Fu, China / Finland


“Roo is a very good and versatile instructor, virtuoso yet. It is easy to work with him. Progress demands practice but results appear soon! The teaching goes according my music tastes and he has always good tips such as recording with a band. By learning with Roo I increased my accuracy and play more relaxed. I feel my play gained in diversity and finally got beyond pentatonic scales!”
Joakim L., Helsinki



“Roo on tuonut kitaransoitoon taas mielenkiintoa. Itse oppineena olin j‰‰nyt kiinni vanhoihin kaavoihin, mutta nyt Roon opeilla olen saanut t‰ysin uuden n‰kemyksen kitaran soittamiseen. Parissa kuukaudessa olen huomannut huimaa edistyst‰. Soittaminen on nyt tarkempaa, nopeampaa, monipuolisempaa, ja ennenkaikkea hauskaa.”
Ari Nuutinen, Helsinki



“Roo opettaa oppilaan ehdoilla. H‰nen opetustyylins‰ on rento ja riitt‰v‰n vaativa, jotta edistymist‰ tapahtuu. Roo lˆyt‰‰ nopeasti kehitett‰vi‰ asioita ja antaa harjoituksia, joista olen kiinnostunut, mutta en edes osaa pyytää. Parin kuukauden aikana improiluni on kehittynyt ja itsevarmuuteni soittajana kohentunut. T‰st‰ on hyv‰ jatkaa.”
Tuomas Lassinantti, Helsinki



“Roo is an amazing guitar teacher, he is really nice, welcoming and will try to fit as more as possible to your personal needs and goals. I have been taking lessons with him for several months and I can see my guitar skills and motivation improve day by day! I recommend him to anyone at any level : beginners, amateurs and also professionals if they want to improve themselves..”
Etienne Brunaud, France & Finland



“…I’ve taken a few lessons throughout the years and learned quite a bit. After a while you get tired of playing everyone else songs. But when i had the lesson with Roo and mind you he’s a very well rounded musician in all areas of guitar and music, he opened up a ton of possibilities to get me on my way to songwriting so a word of advice, don’t throw your money away anymore start your web cam lessons with Roo AND YOU WILL SEE RESULTS!”
Paul Carlos, USA